Some small hacks and tricks are also shown on my Computer page, which is frequently updated.

Document Archive

Document Archive (docarc) is a web-based database to help you (and your workgroup) keeping track of the vast amount of electronic documents and BibTeX entries you might have in use. Browser plugins and console frontends are developed to allow fastest access with typical tools.

For example, the publication list under Physics is transparently created with Document Archive.


A Perl package to connect to Skype on Linux via the DBus interface. A variety of useful command line examples, such as

  • OSD of incoming chat messages
  • Answering machine
  • Recording of conversations in the background
  • Set/Get the mood text
  • Set/Get online status
  • Place a call / Babyphone
  • Send an SMS
  • HTTP tunnel between Skype contacts
and more are included.