Half the season done, won 5 out of 6

Volleyball - 1, 2, 3 – IC

Although the mens' team tried to join the women as being unbeaten, they already lost one match. However, having won five out of six matches is still an amazing start into this season. It provides the team with the opportunity to reach the final knock-outs of BUSA Men 1st league by winning two out of the four remaining matches in the south-eastern conference. Then, reaching for the fifth place is within the means.

The last three matches took place in Reading where the team was defeated a year ago. This time it did not lose a single set. After a quick victory over UCL and some struggle against Sussex University even the dominating team of the previous years – ULU – was beaten sovereignly, placing Imperial at the top of the league for now.

THE big change compared to the previous season is the hiring of a coach who makes a huge difference by keeping us motivated during periods of struggle and calming us down when we are a bit over-excited. Apart from strengths of inidividual players in receiving, setting, or spiking the ball, the team spirit proved to be rock-solid: Exceptional blind understanding in difficult maneuvres (“Where do I have to go?”) and indulging the others for following higher strategic aims (“But the next time you will get the ball!”) where clouded by the creativity and energy that where put into the battle cry to silence and scare the opponent (“1, 2, 3, IC!”).

Maybe some luck with the right dates for the matches has to be acknowledged for as well...

All that is missing now is a professional cheerleader society to support the six on the court. If you want to make a difference, join us for the next four matches in London, on 03 Feb 2008.