Toshiba's battery replacement programme

For the last years Sony stocks suffered a bit from the huge replacement calls for defect battery cells. Also Toshiba uses Sony cells for its laptop batteries. From time to time they renew the information on the website of the programme (US | Europe), appending additional models and serial numbers.

When one of my batteries (for the Portégé M400) decided not to stop loading and overheated a lot (I am glad that I was home), I discovered that this type of batteries for the M400 was actually affected as well.

Having read this on a US Toshiba site, bought from Toshiba UK and because I am residing in Germany at the moment, I had a lot of fun with three different support services on the phone:

  • The US division confirmed that these batteries should be replaced and their program identified one of them to be affected. However, shipment to Europe was not possible, this is entirely the territory of Toshiba Europe.
  • Although the european identification program did not recognise my batteries, that they are affected was confirmed by the UK support center. However – again – shipment to Germany can only be triggered by the german support.
  • In dozens of calls and emails the German support service always told me the same: The batteries are not affected and will not be replaced.
  • Finally, after quoting the statements of the other divisions in a new request, the German support center sent the batteries – without a further comment.